If you are a Marine, male or female, active duty, retired, serving with the Reserves or no longer actively serving, and served a minimum of 90 days and were discharged or separated under honorable conditions, you could be one of us! Detachment #1296 is looking for a "few good men and women" to join detachment and uphold the proud traditions of the United States Marine Corps!

As a member of the Marine Corps League, you have the option of becoming a Life Member. You receive the same benefits as a regular member but you have the ability to save money on recurring annual memberships. To become a "Life Member," you must already be a Regular Member in "Good Standing." 

Print out this form, complete it, and return it to your prospective detachment. 

The types of membership are listed below. Regular members are Marines, Marine Veterans, or FMF Navy Corpsmen. Army, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard, or Merchant Marine Veterans are all welcomed to apply as Associate Members. OATH OF MEMBERSHIP
I hereby certify that I am currently serving or have served honorably in the U.S. Marine Corps, on active duty, for not less than ninety (90) days and earned the Eagle, Globe, and Anchor, or have served or am currently serving in the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve and have earned no less than ninety (90) Reserve Retirement Credit Points or that I have served or am currently serving as a U.S. Navy Corpsman who has trained with Marine FMF Units in excess of ninety (90) days and earned the Marine Corps Device or Warfare Device worn on the Service Ribbon authorized for FMF Corpsmen. If discharged, I am in receipt of a DD Form 214 or Certificate of Discharge indicating “Honorable Service.” (“Honorable Service” will be defined by the last Form 214 or Certificate of Discharge that the applicant received.) General discharge under Honorable Conditions is acceptable. By signature on this application, I hereby agree to provide proof of honorable service/discharge upon request. I hereby authorize the Marine Corps League to obtain an un-redacted copy of my latest DD Form 214 from the Marine Corps custodian of Official Military Personnel Files (MPF), and/or verification of honorable service if deemed necessary to verify my eligibility for regular membership in the Marine Corps League. I understand the DD 214 may contain information such as military awards, training, and character of service. (Korean War Era Marines, see National Bylaws, Article 6, Section 600.)